Duplicate Transfer applications generated in a Pack to Troop transfer

Morning All,

Just wanted to share the duplicate transfer application appears to still be very much a thing in my.Scouting. We just had our Pack transfer 7 Webelos to our Troop, and my.Scouting generated 35 transfer applications for the 7 Scouts.

All of the transfer applications were accepted and the 7 Scouts now appear on our roster in my.Scouting and Scoutbook, but the 28 duplicate applications are still hanging out there in my.Scouting.

In reading through prior threads, seems like the best thing to do is nothing and just let the duplicates age out and expire?

Couple of questions:

  • Any other options to handle the duplicate applications?
  • Has the my.Scouting team capture this as an issue?

Many Thanks and Yours in Scouting,

We have had many duplicates generated by packs. The easiest solution is for the troop to select REASSIGN to the district. As district Membership Chair I close them. My preference is for the unit to POST a note that they are duplicates so I do not accidentally close a good transfer,