Duplicate Parent Account - Serikstad

I have duplicate parent account, one is with BSA ID 13173140 one is with 134217772. Please merge these accounts.

@Matt this is fixed for you

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I also have a duplicate parent account. She has two scouts in our Pack. The account that needs to be deleted Is as follows: User ID: 9791716 with no BSA number.

The account that should be kept is BSA 13742277, User ID: 1136651.

I have merged the accounts.

Thank you Ed! Is there a way to actually delete the account though? Because for each of her kids, it still shows two Tania Brady’s connected and when we do attendance, reminders, etc. it sends to both emails and clutters our reports, etc. And when I looked at the profile for each account it still shows separate emails. Or did the merge not actually go through yet and won’t show up on my end for a little while?

Thank you so much for your help with this!!

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@KristinReichert I found one other account for her - if you are going off old events - then both accounts are saved in the event and would have to each be cleaned up to fix - the Scoutbook extension has a feature to handle that

I do have that extension- which is wonderful, btw. I just went back in and it all appears good on my end, my guess is it just took a little time to trickle down on my interface. :).

Thank you again so much for your help!

Have a great day!

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