Merge/delete duplicate accounts

Hi there. I have another parent with multiple accounts that either need to be deleted/merged:
BSA ID: 14048787 (good one)
BSA ID: 14419235 (delete/merge)
BSA ID: 14359874 (delete/merge)
Thanks! Tanya

@TanyaSteinhofer this is fixed the best way we could


I am in a similar boat with duplicate parent accounts for myself.

BSA ID: 14448874 - keep
BSA ID: 14465332 - merge / delete

Thanks in advance for your help.

@Aoife.Conerney that is fixed

Thank you! You’re the best!

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you so much!

Good afternoon,
My son has two Scoutbook accounts. Can you please merge them? Both accounts appear to have the same BSA number, but each account contains memberships in different scout troops.

SB User No:
BSA no:
Thank you in advance,
Laura Arciniegas

@LauraArciniegas that is fixed - but I see no active membership for your scout

Hello, I need to have my duplicate parent accounts merged as well:

BSA ID: 14573880-keep
BSA ID: 14510707-delete

Is this something you can help me with? Thank you!

@JennaEady that is fixed

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Thanks. I have another 2 to merge:
BSA: 14048796 (keep)
BSA: 14573087 (delete/merge)

And for the one where you merged 3 accounts above, his YPT is now missing. Are you able to add it back in? What info do you need in order to be able to do that? Thanks, Tanya

@TanyaSteinhofer he had like 3 usernames - training should merge and sync but with 3 we will see.

Ok. If it doesn’t show up, what can he do to have it added back? Can Council do it for us?

@TanyaSteinhofer Council could do it

Hello! We’ve got a Scout with two SB User Numbers. Can you please merge the two numbers?
The numbers are 12653057 and 11892786.
Thanks in advance!

I have a parent with two SB user numbers. I may have messed up when adding them as a Den Admin, but they were not otherwise showing in the system or in the search.
SB - 12438969 (primary w/ BSA account)
SB - 12615651 - new Den Admin to be merged

Thank you in advance for the help!

@BillieTriplett This Scout’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

I am getting the warning about two accounts with the same email. My SB User ID is 12605627. I think my email is also connected to a guardian account invite associated with my son. Maybe there is some way to merge these identities?

I also have duplicate accounts that need to be addressed.

It is saying that there are 2 people using my email but they are in fact both me and that I am 2 separate parents for my children. my BSA ID is 14360538 and my SB ID is 12609370.

Also my son has 2 scoutbook accounts and the most up to date/current one, I am unable to connect with.
13911494 is the most current ID and registered with his current pack but i cannot connect with it.
136679748 is from our 1st pack/council and is outdated and not registered with his current pack.