Duplicate Parent Accounts to Merge

I have a parent account that is duplicated. Can these be checked to merge?

BSA ID 12786626
User ID 10302722
This account has a changeyouremail address but correct phone & mailing address.

User ID 1961374
This account has the correct email address

This should be fixed now. She needs to log in with her my.scouting username and password.

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Below is one more that has the same issue.

BSA ID 127935176
User ID 10971723
Has changeyouremail email address, but all else is correct.

User ID 74323
Has correct e-mail address.

@GarrettGreen this is fixed

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Here is one more I found. This is the same person, but last name changed due to marriage.

Last name starts with S. This is previous last name.
BSA ID 126164136
User ID 11032017
Has changeyouremail email address.

Last name starts with M. This is current last name.
BSA ID 126585899
User ID 2190392

If the name issue prevents merging, we can leave it as is.

And another one.

BSA ID 131940013
User ID 10782921

BSA ID 131940009
User ID 10782920

BSA ID 131940011
User ID 10782919

It appears the parent created an account for each child.

@GarrettGreen all of these are fixed

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I have a similar issue:
BSA ID 130819626
User ID 9755896
She can log in with this account, but her email address is missing a letter.

User ID 9851813
Same person as above with the correct email address, but can’t access anything. All other information is the same an correct

This person is supposed to be taking over for me as Cubmaster.

@StefanieHoefs this is fixed

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Hi, I have a couple as well.

BSA # 13369454
User ID 10159558
is the same as

Second person
BSA# 123426772
User ID 2389257
same as
BSA# 136188248
User ID 9991212

first one is fixed @SarahEmert - second one is more complex as it is active membership in 2 councils - even if I delete one a new one will emerge at recharter

Ok, thank you! I appreciate it. The first one was more important because it’s a committee member who was missing messages because of her duplicate accounts.

I have one… we are trying to correct, but I believe emails are messing things up.
This is his valid account with his trainings and ASM role. It has a ‘pack’ email associated to it in Scoutbook and a ‘bsa’ email associated to it in my.scouting.
If he tries to change the ‘pack’ email in Scoutbook to the ‘bsa’ email, it says the ‘bsa’ email is already in use.
He wants the ‘bsa’ email to be the correct email.

it has the same ‘bsa’ email above for scoutbook. He cannot connect to this one as there is no username associated to it to change the ‘bsa’ email to something else.

We believe it was previously merged, but did not seem to fully get corrected.
He needs nothing in UserID:1483734, and it can be deleted (or whatever is done to be removed).

@MichaelMeyer1 This is all fixed

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Same for our Troop

BSA# 119692645
USERID - 2526306

BSA# -
UserID - 4790290

The top info should be kept, not sure where the bottom info came from.

Thanks so much for all you do!

@KimberleyVaillancour this is fixed for you

Wow, that was amazing! Thank you so much! Have a great weekend!

Good morning - I have a duplicate parent account. They tried the instructions from another topic to self correct, but that didn’t work.

Tim - BSA ID #134408449 User ID: 1718808
Duplicate profile listed as Den Leader - User ID: #9836483

The Den Leader flagged account says there is no account found when he tries to log in. Could you please merge the two and make the one with the BSA ID the primary?

Please let me know if there’s something else we can do or how to get those merged.

@AmandaDavis8 this is fixed for you

Thank you! I’ll let him know.