Duplicate SB Accounts

I currently have three accounts that show up on the roster of our troop and I wanted to see if I could remove all but one of the accounts. I know the user name for two of the accounts but not the third one.

My BSA Account # is: 13456492

User name for account I want to keep: (removed by Moderator)
SB ID # for the account I want to keep: 11447295

User name for account I want to delete: (removed by Moderator)
SB ID # for the account I want to delete: 10433015

I don’t know what the information is on the third account but want to delete it.


@AndrewJamison this is fixed

It appears one account was removed, thank you, but there is still another showing up when I try to RSVP to events.

the fake one is saved to the event - admins in your unit would need to clear that out. The user is gone - kind of a shadow in the event

Dang I just found 2 more - let me see

@AndrewJamison try know

Yep, that took care of it. Thank you.

I have another issue, when I go to send a message, I only see the leaders and my scouts as available recipients. I do not see the other scouts in the troop or their parents. Is that something our admin needs to give me permission to access?

It is all based on connections you have to have at least VIEW PROFILE to a scout to see their parents- and only scouts with accounts show

Ok, i’ll check with our Admin.

Thank you!

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