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Duplicate Scoutbook account just appeared for a Scout

We have a Scout who just had a second Scoutbook account recently appear. What’s odd is:

  • The second Scoutbook account has him with the same nickname as his dad, which is not correct for the boy.
  • The second account has a different BSA ID, and it matches what’s on our roster at my.scouting.org.
  • Both accounts are exactly synchronized on advancement.

This may be related to him accidentally not being rechartered. It was spotted halfway through the year and corrected. We’re still using an alternate platform (ugh), so our leaders almost never log into Scoutbook.

What is the right way to figure out the correct next steps? Is this something I handle here or through our local council?

If you post the Scout’s BSA member number (no names), we can take a look.

Once Scoutbook stops being down, I’ll check. :grin: Getting password-rejection notices, stuff about needing to set up SSO (I did right when it was first required), and slow performance.

Hunh. I was actually just having trouble connecting to Scoutbook. When I tried a private browsing window, the issue went away. Looks like Webroot was interacting somehow with my login. Not sure how, exactly, since the Webroot plugin hadn’t been updated since before the last time I connected to Scoutbook. However, disabling it in the private window did the trick.

It works now. No changes.

Anyway, here’s the IDs:

  • 134876209: Original account. Shows as not approved but has advancement sync on. Advancement appears to be identical to the next account. This one does not have OA Member selected, but the next one does.
  • 129355513: Newer account. Has dad’s name in his Nickname field, which is not correct for him. This ID is the one that appears when we check the roster at my.scouting.org.

We’re in council 571, in case that matters.

Both of those BSA member numbers belong to the Scout. However, 134876209 has been deleted.

Thank you. Is this a change you just made, or is this reflecting history? If 134876209 is deleted, does that mean that will be auto-removed from Scoutbook, or should I go ahead and end that account’s membership now?

I didn’t do anything. The council probably deleted the duplicate.

Please wait while we are investigating. This Scout appears to have 4 active Scoutbook accounts.

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