Scoutbook - multiple issues

Dear Scoutbook Team,

I am hoping you can help me to resolve an ongoing issue.

An ASM in the Troop (Scouts BSA Troop 10, Singapore) has had multiple issues trying to connect on Scoutbook. It seems he accidentally created several accounts when trying to log into Scoutbook. He deleted one of the accounts and we were told his other accounts were merged but he cannot log in to the accounts.

Account 1:
BSA member number: 137272743
User ID: 11828014
This account is with the Far East Council, which should be the correct account.

Account 2:
BSA member number: 13805173
User ID: 11830130
This account is with a council in the USA, which is incorrect. Please delete this account.

Please note his son is BSA member number 137271494, User ID 11827213. Please connect BSA member number: 137272743 to this account.

Thank you,
Elisabeth Krause
Committee Chair, Scouts BSA Troop 10

@ElisabethKrause this is fixed

Thank you, @DonovanMcNeil!

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