Duplicate Scouts Accidentally Created

I am brand new to scouting and accidentally created two duplicate scouts while exploring internet advancement, scoutbook, etc. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove them. I was going to created dens and then thought better of it as we won’t be having separate den meetings, we meet as a pack. Well, now I have these two duplicate wolf scouts. Can you help me remove them? Their numbers are not showing in the duplicates. Thank you!

@DeenaMoore If they do not have a BSA member ID number, you should be able to delete them by going to each Scout’s “Edit Extended Information” in Scoutbook.

Even if you do not have separate den meetings, you will want to assign your Cub Scouts to dens in Scoutbook. Scoutbook’s code uses the den type to know which requirements the Cub Scouts in the den are working towards.

After you create your dens, the recommended way to move the Cub Scouts into their dens is to go to the den page and then click on the “Reassign Scout(s)” button. Then you can select one or more Scouts to be reassigned to the den.

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There are lots of help documents and videos to help get your started at:


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@JenniferOlinger Thank you so much! It worked!! We signed up our grandson for cub scouts, said we would help and two weeks later we are in charge and on our own. It’s a bit overwhelming. I am grateful for your help.

@DeenaMoore While you will need to assign your Cub Scouts to dens in Scoutbook, you can still use the pack calendar and send messages to all members of your pack.

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