Duplicate Scouts in Scoutbook

Good evening! I have two listings for the same Scout in our Troop Roster; one of the listings has the Scouts ID number (13187121), but the other entry does not have a Scout ID associated with it (but it does have the exact same name for the Scout); is there a way to merge those two profiles or, perhaps, delete the one without an ID associated with it? Thanks!

@KellyPedron - if you go to the scout in scoutbook, then the membership line and click on that how many active(current) memberships are listed ?

@KellyPedron not sure if that number is correct - check again please - and provide either the BSA # or Scoutbook ID on the other instance and we can see

You are correct, that is his ScoutBook User ID; his actual BSA Membership ID is 135846378. Okay, I figured out what I was doing wrong; I was creating a new entry for the Scout every time I tried to assign him to a Patrol, but that’s not the way you’re supposed to do it.

No go to sub-unit page and click re-assign - do you still need anything cleaned up @KellyPedron ?

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