Duplicate scouts showing up in Scouting app but not in Scoutbook

Several people in my troop have noticed that when we open the Scouting app to access our child’s advancement info, that our scouts are now showing up as a duplicate of themselves. However, in Scoutbook (via a browser) there is only one instance of each child. I’m not sure if this is a harmless display bug, or if it’s indicative of a larger issue, but I thought I’d at least report it.

I see the same thing. One daughter 2x, the other 2 3x.

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This has been reported to the developers.

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Has there been any resolve to this? I just logged in today and i now have 2 of my son as well. I didnt before.

No, that would be exceptionally quick.

What do you mean?

No there hasnt been any resolve?

@MeganWilley - no it has not been resolved. If it resolved it would be announced in the change log.

The issue was reported to the developers this morning. That is not nearly enough time for it to be prioritized, investigated, worked, tested, and released.

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