Duplicate Advancements Showing Up

Hello, for 4 scouts in our troop, advancements are showing up twice in Scoutbook:

SB User ID: 3678370 / BSA Member ID: 133751534: Tenderfoot shows up twice
SB User ID: 8491231 / BSA Member ID: 12857731: Scout shows up twice
SB User ID: 12461029 / BSA Member ID: 14263175: Scout shows up twice
SB User ID: 12566212 / BSA Member ID: 12566212: Scout shows up twice

Is there a way to fix this?

@AmyCrawford2 it is just 2 versions in Scoutbook - like for 8491231 - unit finished but did not approve Scout 2016 - But then Council approved Scout in 2023 with the Scout 2022 version - it makes no difference for the scout record. All scouts should be working the 2022 versions of all ranks at this point

The completed or approved “by BSA Administrator” might be coming from the requirements “rolling up” and marking the rank as completed or approved overall.

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