Scout is listed twice on recharter

I have a Scout listed twice on our recharter.

BSA ID 137061707 with $0.00 due
BSA ID 14783556 with $155.00 due

I wanted to remove the ID with $0 balance but when I checked Scoutbook, this is what is showing on her profile:

SB User ID: 11499637
BSA Member ID: 137061707
Previous BSA Member ID: 14783556

The current BSA ID is the one with $0 balance. I don’t want to remove it for fear of deleting her advancement record. What’s the best course of action?


Talk to Council @MHTroop511KDC

@MHTroop511KDC The Scout had an open membership with the Scout’s former unit / council. I have ended it.

Thank you. Do I wait 24 hours before I refresh the roster?

You can try refreshing it now, but you might need to wait overnight.

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OH sorry - I thought it said on Recharter - too many of those issues @MHTroop511KDC

@DonovanMcNeil Another issue for this particular Scout is that the Scout had a my.scouting username, but had the wrong BSA member number set as primary. I also fixed that.

Made the name without matching up then

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