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Two profiles for one Scout, same BSA number

After our recharter, a duplicate account showed up on Scoutbook for one of my new Scouts. It has the same name, info, and BSA number as the original profile. The original profile was uploaded/synced automatically when he filled out the application online, so there was no paper app or temporary profile.

Any idea why SB would create an identical account after recharter? I searched posts, but all of them mention the secondary account not having the BSA #. Both of these accounts have the same BSA #.


Try going to your unit roster page, and open up both Scout profiles in a different tab. When you look at the url, what do you see for the ScoutUserID number? Is the ScoutUserID the same number for both or different?

@ElizabethBrown2 - check the membership of that scout as they may have two current active membership

Generally, the duplicates happen when the app is processed and doesn’t find a match based on first name, last name, and birthdate. So all of those fields match?

Correct. Name, birthday, and bsa numbers are the same, but there are two profiles, one of which was added when he signed up online, the second of which appeared after the recharter.

@ElizabethBrown2 - can you check the membership tab for each scout and post what you see.

@ElizabethBrown2 - if all things are equal between the webelos den member and the youth member only scout and the roster in my.scouting looks good, then I would just end the membership of the duplicate entry.

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As @Stephen_Hornak said, it looks like the “Youth Member” membership started on 3 December is likely a duplicate. I would probably mark that membership as a “Duplicate” in the notes field, set an end date for that membership, and see if that resolves the apparent problem. I’m loathe to “delete” things I may not be able to get back. I can always delete it later. :wink:

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This happened with one of our Scouts. He was formerly in another council as a Webelos. Crossed over to us this year.

It appears, when his unit (a Cub Pack) rechartered in the other council, they re-registered him. His membership showed up as a duplicate under our unit (AkelaDataSync), probably because all record keys were identical (name, DOB, BSA PID)

I simply ended that membership. Seems to have worked fine.

Scouter Rob

P.S. His duplicate still shows under My Account, My Connections. Agree with @Stephen_Hornak Be careful with deleting. If I didn’t create it, I don’t delete it.

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