Transfer a leader from Pack to Troop?

We have a leader who was with our Pack and when her son crossed over to our Troop, she wanted to be registered with the Troop, and on Scoutbook for the Troop. I am a unit admin and see no way to transfer her to the troop like you can with a Scout.

Any experience with this? Do I have to ‘end’ her position with the Pack [she was Advancement Chair] in order to do this?

Any and all help appreciated!

Hi, @AmyLevi,

The parent will transfer with the scout, once the scout is transferred, since the parent is connected to the scout. The parent’s pack role doesn’t have to end in Scoutbook unless that role is actually ending. To end the pack leadership position in Scoutbook, the parent can go into Scoutbook to My Dashboard → My Account → My Positions, click on her pack role, and add an end date.

To add a troop leadership position in Scoutbook, in your account go to My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster, scroll down to the bottom of the adult leaders list and click on “Add Leader”. Search by the parent’s email address (since she already has an account), and add ether new troop position to her account.

Obviously, there is paperwork to be done for n the BSA in order to add the adult to your unit as a leader and end her position with the pack. I assume you were only looking for the Scoutbook side of things.

Hi Charley–

Thanks for the info!

I had figured this out to a degree–the Scout has moved to the Troop over a year ago, and mom stayed on with the Pack until we had trained another Advancement Chair.

I am the unit admin for the Pack, but not the troop, though I have access. I suggested this to the unit admin for the Troop as a fix. Initially, her question was about an access code that she thought she needed…I don’t know what she means at all about that. I was just trying to help her get this parent added because of rechartering.

Do you know anything about that? Thanks again!


I’m not aware of any access codes needed for the transfer in Scoutbook. I’m a unit admin in my troop, and it let me add my wife to the leader roster using the steps I outlined.

@AmyLevi - if that user has already logged in then it is just a matter of moving them over. If an application was submitted to the troop then the most important thing would be to make sure that the Member ID is entered on the app. The member sync once on the troop my.scouting roster should add the parent as a leader in the troop. The member ID is really important to avoid a duplicate account. But I like Charlie have added the role to the existing leader without issue.

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