Duplicate Units in Scoutbook dashboard

Have a user that is showing the same unit twice. The records are not identical (differences in unit leader roster) Is there a way to remove the duplicate unit?

End their membership - but it is a matter of finding which is the real unit and which is PROBABLY the old unit - like a new charter org - if you post the MID we might be able to determine it for you

12412954 - But I understand that it is everyone in the unit. Crew 67 in SDIC (049)

Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 3.01.36 PM

This is basic issue - but trying to figure it out

@McDermotCoutts and they did recharter?

They completed recharter before the March 1 cutoff. They did not change charter organizations.

YEah Developers are looking at it

Has there been a resolution here? Thanks in advance.

I poked the developers on this issue again

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This is continuing to be an issue. Though it seem isolated to scoutbook.

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