Scouts double-listed in Roster

Our unit roster has several scouts listed twice. I would like to fix this.

Our unit is a Sea Scout ship. I have full admin privileges. I am not a key-3 person.
When I go to our unit page on Scoutbook, and choose Ship Roster from the list at the bottom, I get a list of 9 leaders and 14 Scouts. However, 4 of the Scouts are listed twice. I am not sure why they are duplicates. How can I fix this?

Our unit number is 220636, SSS Nautilus, Ship 47 in Pacific Skyline Council.

Check each of the scouts’ memberships in Scoutbook. Odds are that the duplicates have two listed. In a troop, it’s commonly one membership listed for the patrol and one for the troop (i.e. not assigned to a patrol). I’m not sure if there’s an analogous sub-unit in Sea Scouting.

ETA: Resolving the duplicates, if this is the cause, would be accomplished by putting an end date on one of the memberships. That said, if you’re not sure which one should be ended, one of the SUAC folks may be able to assist with diagnosis if you post BSA ID numbers (no names please) for each of the four scouts.

I took a look at one of the Scouts who appears twice in the roster. The patrol type sub-unit in Sea Scouting is a Crew.

This duplicate scout appears in the list “Scouts not in a Crew” and again under one of the crews. However, under the Ship Roster list, both her listings show her crew assignment.

Maybe you can look at this? Her BSA ID is 14726743.

I can’t, since I’m just a unit-level volunteer, but the SUAC folks should be able to.

If you have in Crews - then just end the unit membership - I am guessing who did this did it manually and not using the Reassign feature for the crews

Thank you! This worked exactly as you said it would.

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