Duplicate user ID's

I have several scouts that keep reappearing. I have had no luck at council level resolving this. I can end their membership but they just reappear later on. See list below. Is this something I can fix?

BSA ID 133302874
USER ID 11786425 & 2338366

BSA ID 133303809
USER ID 11786429 & 2338385
BSA ID 133302799
USER ID 11786424 & 2338381

BSA ID 134428301
USER ID 11786431 & 2338392

BSA ID 133303169
USER ID 11786428 & 2338387

BSA ID 122539998

@PhilipVerdecchia OK before this is fixed - please download a Scout History report for Every User (so 2 per Scout) - when we merge them after you report back the merge saves partials from the primary user not both - We will use the scout that looks most complete - but with the history reports at least you have a back up

@PhilipVerdecchia The last Scout is registered as a Unit Participant in the Troop - so they should be in SB on the Roster and that is correct - if they are no longer a participant talk to council

Only the 23383## have any data in them. That said I have downloaded the backups.

Plus one more
BSA ID 133302963
UserID 2332747 & 11786426

Thanks in advance

All these are fixed @PhilipVerdecchia

Now they show up twice with the same info. Tried clearing cache and reloading. ???

Check their membership. If they have two current memberships in the same patrol, put an end date on one.

Looks like this is now fixed. Thanks for the great support. 5 stars from me.

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