Duplicate Scout Added

We recently had a duplicate scout sow up in our roster. We didn’t do anything to set him up and he isn’t connected to any of our adult leaders. How should I get rid of the duplicate? The duplicate scouts BSA ID is 12825573.

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We also had a Scout completely disappear. He was in our roster under Aaron J W. or AJ W. and now is completely gone from the roster as email list. He does however show up in my connections and his BSA ID is 134667106.

Any help on figuring out how to get him back would be appreciated.

@ReidHollander - the BSA ID’s of all scouts will help the team see what has occurred.

@ReidHollander The second Scout is not registered in the troop - they are registered in a pack - you need to talk to Council on that one

@ReidHollander the first Scout is also fixed

Thank you! I think I got both resolved. I appreciate the help.

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