Duplicates in Position Manager, can't validate

COR here - Trying to update Position Manager to reflect leadership changes in our Pack. Moved a committee member into cubmaster role, and moved old cubmaster to committee position. But now both are in each category. Because there are two now in the Cubmaster role, I can no longer make any changes because I get the error “Too many people are assigned to this position” when the page tries to validate. I tried to move one of them back to the committee, but since they are already there as a duplicate, it throws a different error, “position already exists for given person.” At that point I figure I would try and wait for the database to sync/settle. It’s been about 3 days or so, not sure if it’s going to be persistent or will still eventually self-correct, but I would like to get our new Committee Chair elevated soon. Thanks!

@hmlj this is a talk to council so they can turn in a national ticket

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Got it, thanks for the direction.

The system is expiring positions as of the end of the previous month before the action was taken to change their position. Then, the expired position is in its grace period of two months. The grace period ends on the 1st of the month the second month after the action. Then, the overnight sync removes the position from the roster.

Example: change a registered position today, June 26. * New position will show as current and expires with the date of paid registration end.

  • Old registration will show expired May 31.
  • Old registration is in grace period until August 01.
  • Overnight sync will remove registration on August 02 as far as training reports and official roster. The position still seems to show when look up a person on the roster, but permissions are gone.

Functional roles seem to have the same problem with the grace period.


Thanks, this is consistent with the explanation from council. Because this happened with a Key-3 that has a position limit, we’re effectively locked out of Position Manager until the expiry of the old Cubmaster’s grace period - August 2nd as your example is applicable.

They did offer that this could be solved with paper applications, but I’m not going to bother my volunteers with that for now.


Your Council should open a ticket with BSA Member Care. This problem should be fixed.

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100% agree, but that part’s not up to me. Who knows, maybe they did behind the scenes, but my instructions were to submit paper applications for affected volunteers if wanted it fixed.

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