Eagle Application not printing the dates correctly on merit badges

When trying to print the Eagle Application in Reports and the Scout is in the 2022-2024 version, the report is not printing the dates correctly, it only prints the first number in the date, month, and year. It is also not printing the unit number beside some of the merit badges such as lifesaving and swimming. Like if the date is 02/14/24 I just prints 0 1 2.


Please post the BSA Member ID (no names) of one of the Scouts with the issue and we will investigate.

not all units for MBs are known in system



I am noticing that I am only having this problem on my phone and printing and looking there. When I use the computer, it automatically takes me to Adobe and it is correct on there.

@CherylAllen what kind of phone? I bet if you saved on phone and sent to computer all would be good


It is a rendering issue on iPhone. When I generate the Eagle App on my iPhone and send it ot my Mac for viewing it renders correctly.

I’ll let the developers know.

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