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Eagle Extension Scouts access to Scoutbook

I’ve got two transferred scouts in my troop, recently successfully added to Scoutbook. Their previous troop did not use Scoutbook. Both are 18+, working (hard) under the Eagle Extension. I want to provide them access to their Scoutbook accounts. With my other scouts that occurs through their parent(s), but both of these scouts are essentially working as their own guardian. How do I get them signed on?

It’s generally the same procedure. If they have a my.scouting account, they could try logging in with that username and password. Let us know if that works.

Pardon my ignorance. Does a scout generally have a my.scouting account? I know our adults do, but I wasn’t aware it was for both.

Some may for training. Since you said these individuals are over 18, I think they have to take YPT. Right?

RIGHT! Excellent! Thank you!

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