Scout unable to login to scoutbook via website or app

We have an older scout who does not remember his scoutbook login he created. We looked in scoutbook for the email associated with his account, it showed the same email as one of the parent accounts linked to him. We changed his email and he attempted the reset password option but he never receives any information, can anyone assist in helping us get him access to his scoutbook, or do I need to call our local council?

@MarySontag-Earnshaw If you post the Scout’s BSA member number, we can take a look.

(No names, please.)

@MarySontag-Earnshaw The Scout’s initials might also work.

When you look at Messages in Scoutbook - does the scout show there @MarySontag-Earnshaw ??

His BSA #: 129138082

He does not as a scout but does an adult. He is under 18

This scout has never been invited to Scoutbook - the parents can do that under Extended Data - or they can follow these instructions

Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

Thank you. Does extended information still work for parents? It does not for me as advancement chair.

@DonovanMcNeil Looks like a parent’s name now has the Scout’s name in Scoutbook.

@MarySontag-Earnshaw I recommend that parents work with their Scout to create an account at my.Scouting using the instructions provided by Donovan.

Thank you, we are working on encouraging the boys to use the app if possible so I will share with the whole troop

Since only parents can invite, it looks like it doesn’t even show the invite info for non-parents. I pulled up a couple of Scouts who aren’t connected to their scout accounts and the screen was empty.

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