Scout Delete Date

I have a scout that I put an end date on his account. He’s still in but no longer in Scoutbook. How do I get him back on?

You should be able to find them in your connections and then edit the scout status from there.

Hi, I just tried (I didn’t realize I could do that) but he’s not there. This scout turned 18 in the Spring. He never completed an adult application so I put an end date on his membership. I just found out, that council has provided him with an Eagle extension. I wanted to go in and look because, if I remember correctly, he still has some merit badges to do.

I believe since the scout turned 18 you will need help from your Council now.

Great, thanks. I appreciate it!

What is the BSA # @LauraCincotta

126597043 (info removed)

@LauraCincotta I setup a sync to pull scout back in this afternoon

Oh awesome, thanks so much!

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