Eagle Palm counts incorrect in PO

We have 2 Eagle scouts that both earned 2 Bronze palms. In the PO, the QTY shows 2, even though it should be 4. This is also the case for Gold, which should have 3, but shows 2.

The Advancement Report is correct and lists the scouts multiple times for the palms they’ve earned.

What do you mean earned 2 bronze? You earn 1 bronze, one silver, then one gold - the POs are correct

  • 26 total merit badges (21 required + 5 additional) = 1 bronze palm
  • 31 total merit badges (21 required + 10 additional) = 1 gold palm
  • 36 total merit badges (21 required + 15 additional) = 1 silver palm
  • 41 total merit badges (21 required + 20 additional) = 1 bronze palm and 1 silver palm
  • 46 total merit badges (21 required + 25 additional) = 1 gold palm and 1 silver palm
  • 51 total merit badges (21 required + 30 additional) = 2 silver palms

See the “The right way to wear a combination of palms” section in “The way Scouts earn Eagle Palms is about to change”, article, (scoutingmagazine.org), https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/07/10/changes-to-eagle-palms/, By Bryan Wendell, July 10, 2017, for a more complete table. Per that article:

Eagle Palms may be reported by the unit leader submitting an Advancement Report No. 34403, making the appropriate entry via Internet Advancement, or via Scoutbook once the option is available.

What palms needs to be purchased may be less than what is in the table because the Scout may already have some palms.

Here is my interpretation.

No. = Number, MBs = merit badges

No. of MBs beyond minimum Purchase
5 bronze palm
10 gold palm
15 silver palm
30 2nd silver palm
45 3rd silver palm
60 4th silver palm
75 5th silver palm
90 6th silver palm
105 7th silver palm

The IT programmer analysts may want to use to use a formula for the calculation of silver palms instead of a table to allow for future expansion in the number of merit badges.

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