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Not sure if I am doing something wrong. I have a scout who earned 100 merit badges. For his eagle palms on the last one on q4 he earned the 5 additional merit badges but it wont populate that its done. How can I correct this?

What is Eagle Date? @Williamhellinger

5/24 he earned all these before he got eagle

What palm number is this?

Palm 16 (bronze) for userID 499528

You can just force the Palm by clicking the box by Percent Complete

@DonovanMcNeil It’s not accepting it. It gives the error message that the merit badge requirement has to be completed.

Does scoutbook think he’s one MB shy? What version of Eagle is set?

I did it backwards. Went to internet advancement and finished it there. And it marked it completed

Well that is a good standy-by option but it should be sorted out for what is causing the issue.

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I am having the same issue with a silver palm. The scout is 130836116 and he earned his eagle 05/03/2022. Tried forcing the percent completed, but it says he must wait 3 months. The badges were earned before he eagled.


According to Scoutbook, this Scout only completed 35 MBs. He needs 36 to earn a 3rd (Silver) palm.

@JohnSimms - maths am hard for the hu mans

It’s weird that the error being thrown is that the scout needs to wait 3 months. Is there one more MB earned after the Eagle date, and that’s what’s triggering the 3-month “error”? Seems like N < 36 should be causing Requirement #4 to error out, rather than Requirement #1.

The only Scout I have that I can test this on only has 27 MBs so the Palm #3 is not enabled. When I tested Palm #2 with the date of the Eagle Board of Review (EBOR), I got an error that said Req #4 (MBs) was not complete. When I used a date other than the EBOR date, I got the Scout must wait 3 months error.

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Sounds like the behavior is correct, then? The observed error likely being a combination of not having enough MBs as of Eagle BoR date, and entering a date not matching the EBoR. It seems like the 3-month “time in grade” requirement error is served before the number of badges requirement error, assuming both “apply”.

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