Eagle Palms Count Error when added to PO

Though many of you will not encounter this, I’m passing along as a potential bug report for Scoutbook. One of our Scouts just earned Eagle Rank and had enough merit badges to concurrently earn 5 Eagle Palms. Eagle Palms are earned as Bronze, Gold, and Silver, then repeated with additional MBs: Bronze (again), Gold (again), and Silver (again).

After I marked his 5 Eagle Palms as completed & approved in Scoutbook, I then went to the Needs Purchasing report. All five items were listed, and added to a Purchase Order. When I access the PO, it only shows one of each item needing to be purchased. 1-bronze, 1-gold, 1-silver rather than 2-bronze, 2-gold, and 1-silver.

Perhaps there is a calculation error ??

VR, Charles, Unit AdvChair

Well, maybe it is doing the complicated palm math. I don’t know what would be awarded but worn would be 1 silver and 1 gold to get to 5.

I suspect it’s a manifestation of the award counting bug that was (I thought) squashed earlier this week. It seems unlikely that the PO system is that smart.

What happens if you change the sorting criteria, @CharlesCollings?

@Matt.Johnson I think I understand. Rather than wearing 5 palms, the Scout does not wear all 5 palm leaves. Instead, only wears 1 silver (representing 3 palms) and 1 gold (representing 2 additional palms). If these were earned after Eagle, the Scout would be awarded each of the palm leaves - which agrees with the needs awarding report. Thus, I think Scoutbook and the PO should list total of 5 palms. I will order 5 from the shop.

@CharleyHamilton Tried changing the sort criteria, but Scoutbook still counts only 3 palm leaves.

If it helps SUAC see this bug. It’s in PO 611360

I agree. If they got them one at a time, they would get the individual pins. But the numbers don’t add up regardles.

Palm math is difficult.

Bronze represents 5 MB, Gold 10 MB and Silver 15 MB. A Scout that earned 5 palms (25 MBs above the 21 required for Eagle) would wear one Gold and one Silver palm (10 + 15).

Some units may only award new palms based on what the Scout already has received.
1 palm - receives Bronze
2 palms - receives Gold
3 palms - receives Silver
4 palms - wears already received Bronze and Silver
5 palms - wears already received Gold and Silver
6 palms - receives additional Silver
7 palms - wears 2 Silver, 1 Bronze (already received)
8 palms - wears 2 Silver, 1 Gold (already received)


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