All advancement uploaded to int adv, but PO doesn't include all the palms

We upload from twhost to internet advancement.
The upload worked, shows no errors,
Scout earned 14 palms with his eagle,
they show on his advancement after the upload,
but do not show on the PO #710822
to take to the scout shop, only shows the first round bronze, gold and silver for scout Henry F.
But does show his brother’s 7th silver palm on the purchase order.

What’s the easiest way to fix the purchase order for um, 11 more palms? Or I’ll just convince Scout shop to allow purchase and show his advancement records.

I am
SB User ID: 1062091

BSA Member ID: 115986115

Oh and I could not generate a purchase order out of internet advancement, because it listed 15 awards without a name next to them so the report hung up.
opens new window that says Report could not be loaded.
Please try again.
error pops up that says UserAward ID is required I think, it closes kinda fast.
so I pulled the purchase order from int advancement which gives me 78 awards when int adv says 90

@AmeliaHeilman - I would look at this:

As far as i know The date the eagle is earned the scout earns palms for all multuples of 5 merit badges he had earned by that day over the 21 needed for eagle

This is also in scoutbook.

As of date of eagle the scout has earned 91 mb. Have to audit to make sure all 91 are in there but should be.

The 3 months only applies for mb earned after date of eagle.
Which if this scout follows in his brother’s footsteps he will earn all of the mb and stay registered thru age 18 and earn quite a few palms more.

How many he will wear does follow the number chart but appears he could still wear more than 1 of each that are on the purchase order.