Eagle, can't add palms

Hi Unit leader/parent tried adding palms to scout’s record. Somehow he couldn’t because rank wasn’t showing as completed? BOR was 9/21/2022, shows as approved with that date. He can’t add the palms, and is in a panic. I have no clue what to do. MID of scout is 126695840
Marian McQuaid

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@MarianMcQuaid Eagle Scout is not approved by council

hm. Our Eagle processor just checked, and her screen is grayed out. When we look at him we see his date of 9/13/2022 for the rank is grayed out. We can’t do anything, Dad who is leader, on 10/13/2022 was trying to add palms and saw requirement #7 was blank, and added the date of 10/13/2022, as he thought that was why he couldn’t enter the palms.

@MarianMcQuaid confused - you said BOR was 9/21 - what is the 9/13 date?

sorry. 10/13/2022 date was day dad tried adding palms. 9/13 was typo

A couple of general items, @MarianMcQuaid,

For palms earned at the same time as Eagle (i.e. for which all of the required MBs were complete prior to Eagle BoR), the date Completed/Earned for those palms has to match the Eagle BoR date. It can’t be before (no Eagle = not eligible for palms) or after (after Eagle = triggers all other requirements like tenure in rank) that date. The software is picky about that date.

The sub-requirements aren’t the triggering issue, although they can mess things up by being in conflict. For example, having a date for a rank requirement which is after the date on which the overall rank was Completed can cause an issue. Those have to be consistent with one another (or individual requirements can be left blank).

Note that the audit dates on something (i.e. the date on which something was actually marked as Completed/Leader Approved in the software) aren’t the triggering date, either. It’s the date that the requirement/rank is “credited” that matters.

ok, so if leader goes in, what date does he use for the palms? 9/13/2022 the BOR date? He says he gets an error doing that.


The leader is getting an error when he tries to enter a Palm because Eagle is not yet marked approved by the BSA in Scoutbook. Leaders can enter a BOR date but cannot approve Eagle. Approval for Eagle in Scoutbook is supposed to happen once Eagle is verified and approved by the BSA.

For Palms entered at the time of Eagle, the Eagle BOR date must be used.


he was. we got the certificate. he was approved, but that has disappeared.


Since you are a council staff member, you will need to open a ticket to get this resolved. The approval should not have gone away.

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@MarianMcQuaid take a look please - is this resolved?

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