Eagle Palm recording in Scoutbook

I have a scout that has earned his Eagle and is qualified to receive a Bronze Palm. All MB were earned prior to Eagle. I tried to mark the Palm as earned but Scoutbook returned an error saying “SCOUT must wait 3 months from the time scout earned their eagle rank”. My understanding is that palms are awarded at time of Eagle. How can I proceed to mark this Palm as “approved/recorded”


You MUST set the Palm completion date to the same date as Eagle completion and this cannot be done until after Eagle has been approved by the BSA in Scoutbook.

What indicated that the BSA has completed this approval?

Right now is shows as Marked Completed and Leader approved by a council representative

Internet Advancement shows this scout at Eagle Rank in the Roster with nothing pending approval.

Leader approved is what you are looking for. Make sure the date you enter on the palms is the date of the Eagle Board of Review (Eagle completion date) as recorded in Scoutbook. This is the only date that will bypass the 3 month check.

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