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Eagle Palms earned before Eagle rank

I am trying to enter my sons eagle palms he has earned and should be awarded when he received his eagle and scoutbook still says he needs to wait 3 months please fix this as my son has earned 4 palms as of now and working on his 5th, National has accepted his eagle but scoutbook will not let us add his palms.

It has been approved by BSA Administrator but still will not let me complete them with out the 3 month

Palms earned when the Scout earns Eagle must be dated the same as the Scout’s Eagle Board of Review date which is also the Eagle completion date. In addition, palms cannot be entered until after the Eagle rank is marked approved in Scoutbook.

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[quote=“edavignon, post:2, topic:210425”]
is marked approved in Scoutbook.
[/quote] Huh we can’t enter palms at the time of the Eagle BOR since the Eagle Rank is not confirmed yet.

What @edavignon was getting at was that, when entered, palms completed at the time of the EBoR use the date of the EBoR as the Date Completed. Although the audit date of the entry itself will be after the date of the EBoR, the Date Completed can be manually set to match the EBoR.

I am using the date of the BOR and it still says wait 3 months all 4 eagle palms are in scoutnet but can’t backwards sync to scoutbook

Thank You

Craig Patterson

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Charley, my response is the same as CraigPatterson just I am dealing with 2 palms.

There is a bug with Eagle Palms earned at the time of Eagle. A fix is in development and will be released after is completes testing. There will not be any further Scoutbook updates until after January 1, 2021.