Eagle Palm Requirement #4 Not Being Marked as Complete

We have an Eagle Scout who is has completed his Gold Eagle Pin. All the requirements are complete including earning the five merit badges for Requirement #4, however, the box isn’t checked for Requirement #4 so it will not let us mark it as complete in Scoutbook. Thoughts, Suggestions?

Most likely the 2022 Version of Eagle was completed. Is the Citizenship in Society badge in Eagle?

The scout earned Eagle in August of 2021, so I don’t think that is it. I am seeing that Scoutbook shows the Eagle Award twice, and I am sure that isn’t right…

What is the BSA # ? @Stuart

Thanks for looking into this.

BSA #: 127881376

Yes he has a 2022 version of eagle applied - call your council and ask them to send in a national ticket to clean it up

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Thanks so much for the information and help.

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