Scoutbook not recognizing earned MB for Bronze palm

I have a scout that passed his Eagle Board of Review on 2/24/22. At that time he had earned the 5 extra MB needed for the Bronze palm. When on the Bronze palm page it shows that the 5 MB’s were earned and awarded, with the latest earned date being 1/30/22. However, the checkbox by requirement 4 is not filled in, and when I try to confirm the palm it gives me the box that says “Requirement 4 must be approved”. I can’t approve that, it is automatic through Scoutbook.

Should I be removing Merit Badges and reentering them?

Click on Req 4 and enter the completion date.

Since the Palm was earned with Eagle, the completion date of the Palm must be the same as the entered Eagle date.

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Sorry to hear that! Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Remove the last merit badge and add it back. Check to see if that changes anything.
  • This shouldn’t matter, but try initializing the unit signature or making sure everything has an initial unit signature.
  • Try reloading the page, restarting your device, or viewing the page from another device.

I hope this helped. Good luck with your issue!

The 5th is in the first screenshot. I’ll try removing it and reentering it.

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It is not possible to click on and approve Requirement 4. It is an automatic checkbox when all subrequirements are completed.

What version of Eagle was approved for Scout?

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Good call, @DonovanMcNeil! If the Eagle version for the Scout was 2016 but you’re looking at the 2022 palm requirements, there may be some conflicts. Try switching both to the same requirements.

The Eagle version may be it. I can’t tell which version it was when he was approved (Feb 22) but looking at his eagle, it shows that he now needs Cit in the Society, even though he was approved for the Eagle in Scoutbook. As he is an approved (and completed) Eagle, I don’t see a way to switch him back to the 2016 requirements to show the completion.

2022 Palm requirements? What on earth are you talking about? There are no changes

@BethLevine that is the issue - your council needs to send a ticket to national to change the Eagle version to 2016

and the scout is probably one MB short of a palm

He should not be a Merit Badge short of a palm, as I am trying to enter the palm he should have received at the same time as his Eagle. All 5 of these badges were earned before he reached Eagle.

Thanks for your help everyone. The weird thing about this, is this Eagle was approved back in March and I thought that was before they had put in the new requirements into Scoutbook.

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Yeah, for some reason, I don’t see the option to switch back to 2016 requirements once a Scout has earned their Eagle. Do you know if it’s against BSA advancement policy just to approve the Citizenship in Society MB and not use it for anything if the Scout has already earned their Eagle?

what is bsa # of Scout?

@BethLevine your Scout (B Snyder) has earned 25 Merit badges that is one short of a palm - the blank CIS merit badge took the place in Eagle for one of these electives

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That’s pretty standard, actually. Once a rank has been marked completed/leader approved, it’s generally irrelevant as to which version was completed.

Yes. It is inherently against policy to mark completed something which was not completed.


That’s interesting. I have a Scout here that received his Eagle with the 2016 requirements without the Citizenship in Society MB but still got Requirement #4 marked off in his Bronze Palm.

@AndrewJChen, I would think that should not be done, as a scout that reached Eagle already should be able to use Cit in the Society towards a palm if he earns it after earning his Eagle.

@DonovanMcNeil . his BSA number is 130251796


@BethLevine see above - the scout has 25 MBs that is one short

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@DonovanMcNeil, Thanks. I can see that now. So now to plan ahead, as Bennett is still very involved. When he earns his next MB, how do I go about entering it towards the Bronze palm?