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Eagle Palms entry in Scoutbook

I am the Advancement Chair for my troop. Last night a scout had his Eagle BOR. He aged out in June but received an extension due to COVID-19. I was able to mark his Eagle rank as completed (pending of course approval from National). He also earned enough extra merit badges to earn three palms. Since he earned these merit badges before attaining Eagle, according to the current guidelines (http://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Eagle_Palm_Requirements_2019.pdf) he is eligible to receive these with his Eagle rank without waiting the mandatory time period. However, Scoutbook won’t let me mark these as earned because of the time requirement. Is this something that can be fixed or can it be overridden somehow?

Are you using Scoutbook or Internet Advancement? You should be able to mark the Eagle Scout rank as Completed, then mark the Eagle Palms as Completed using the same date as the Eagle Scout board of review.

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize Internet Advancement was still a thing. I am using Scoutbook. I guess I posted in the wrong forum.

Internet Advancement was replaced by Internet Advancement 2.0. You can use either Scoutbook or IA 2.0.

I checked Internet Advancement and the scout is no longer listed there, I assume because he aged out.

There is a filter you have to turn on in IA 2.0 to see Scouts age 18+ in troops.

In Scoutbook, are you using 9/17/2020 as the date completed overall for the Eagle Scout rank and the three Eagle Palms? If so, then the code should allow it.

This is the answer… the Palm dates have to match the Eagle BOR date.

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When I use the same date as the Eagle BOR, I get a message that says “The Eagle rank must be approved or awarded before you can approve this palm.”

The Eagle rank is leader approved in Scoutbook.

Was it Leader Approved by BSA Admin, or is there a person’s name there? Eagle Scout rank is only supposed to be able to be approved by nationals/council after the paperwork is processed.

You have to wait until after the Eagle Scout rank is approved by National. After it is approved by National, your local council will enter it into their system, and it will then sync over to Scoutbook. It will show up as Approved by BSA Administrator as shown in Charley’s picture.

I wasn’t aware that someone at national had to mark it as approved in order to mark the palms as completed. Thanks for the answer.


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