Eagle Palms showing for Life Scouts up as on "Needs Approval" Report in Scoutbook

I have 5 Life Scouts that are coming up in the “Needs Approval” Report for Eagle Palms.
None of these Scouts have earned their Eagle Rank.
When I select each Scout for further detail, it says “Approved by BSA Administrator on XX Date”.

How do I fix this?

Approved by BSA Administrator says they were entered by your Council. You can try going to the Palm’s in question and remove the completion date and approved check box. If this does not work, you will need to contact your council to have them removed.

@mormagil2000 - was it the whole palm or just the 5 mb requirements

I looked at the each Scout’s Advancement record for the Palm entries and they do not show as completed there; each is at 50% for the 5 Merit Badges being completed.
I brought this up to the Registrar at Council, and he said it was a Scoutbook issue.


Please provide a screen shot omitting the names of what you believe the problem is. 50% complete is correct if the Scout has earned 5 elective MBs beyond what is required for Eagle, even if still a life Scout.

And the report is triggering approval of not the whole palm, just the individual requirements?

That’s what I’m thinking and the reason I want to see a screen shot.

That’s kinda what I think @edavignon is trying to find out with the request for a screenshot. If it’s serving the complete palm for approval, that’s an issue. If it’s serving Requirement 4 for approval, that’s right. Looking at a couple of my scouts, the Needs Approval report is only serving the requirement for approval.

ETA: Once again, messages crossing in the ether. :^)

@edavignon - it is an auto complete on the req… not complete and approved which moves it back to the unit. I had a few of them and approved since the mb were done and awarded

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