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Eagle Req't #3 incorrectly auto completes and approves

It seems that Scoutbook auto competes and auto approves (blue check) Eagle requirement #3 when a scout earns any 13 Eagle required merit badges plus 8 electives. The problem is that SB is using ANY 13 Eagle required merit badges and there are several optional “or” requirements. For example, if a scout earns Swimming, Hiking, and Cycling, only one counts towards Eagle required (not all three, the other two count toward electives). The result is that SB is auto approving #3 long before the scout has the correct set of 13 Eagle required badges.

Can you post screen shots of where you are seeing this?

I have three examples in my troop. Here is one of them. This scout has plenty of Eagle required merit badges (e.g. swimming and hiking and cycling) - but only one should count for the list of 13. He doesn’t have Family Life yet so #3 is incomplete. I can provide more examples if you need them. The blue check next to #3 should only be checked if at least one of all of the sets of required merit badges is approved, and it seems to be just counting if 13 of ANY of the badges are approved. If I uncheck #3, the system just re-checks it again.

@RobertHund I have tried to replicate this on the test server and cannot get the failure - are any of these MBs older versions perhaps?

I am seeing this with one of my scouts also. Personal Management has not been completed. Earning both Environmental Science & Sustainability are causing the blue check mark on #3. I checked all the Eagle Req badges and they are the current version running through 2020.

are any other Eagle Reqs marked off?

Here are pics of his earned Eagle Reqs. This scout has 13 Eagle Req MB but only 12 should count toward Eagle. He earned Env.Sci. & Sustainability but only Env.Sci. should count. All 13 earned Eagle Req are a current version. More than enough electives have been earned. He is only missing Pers.Mgmt.

Since he should be completing Pers.Mgmt. in a week or 2, this is a self-correcting issue for him. This bug could be very confusing for others.

@RobertHund @LadonnaWare Could you please send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support at:


Please include the full names of the Scouts, their BSA ID numbers, troop number, and council name.

It might also be helpful if you could attach a copy of their Scouts BSA History Report to the e-mail.

@RobertHund @LadonnaWare if either of you could jump on a screenshare it would help us isolate this - as we have failed to reproduce it

i guess another ? on this - are the Scouts Life Scouts or did you notice it before they were Life Scouts?

OK finally made it fail on test server - not sure what I did differently though - it will be reported

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Thanks for reporting it. I’ve submitted the details for the three examples in my troop to the support email box per Jennifer’s request. Please don’t hesitate to reach out f there’s anything I can do to help with the fix.

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