Eagle Scout project activity log

When I try and record an eagle Scout project and select a type of project there is nothing to select yet it says it is required. Any thoughts?

@BenjaminWard - use shift refresh

Can’t do it on my phone and it is not working on a computer either.

@BenjaminWard - i just did an incognito session on my tablet and that presents the list for eagle project. On the pc i got the list via the firced refresh. It is a cache thing.

So I just tried it again and if I say it is not an eagle Scout project I can select from the type of project list but if I say it is a Eagle Scout project I can’t and it won’t let me proceed with out this information.

@BenjaminWard - i understand that. I just launched an incognito tab on my android tablet for advancements.scouting.org added a service project, selected the radio button for eagle service project and a child winow opened with the list. On the pc the incognito windiw should work the same way. I admit it isxa pain but the hard refresh also works as i have tested that many times. It will start you over again but it does work.

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