Activity Log "No Data" for activity type

I am trying to enter the hours for the scouts that worked on an Eagle Project.
Under “Activity Type” it says “No Data.” It will not accept anything that I type in and it won’t allow me to submit the activity to finish.
Am I doing something wrong?

And you selected (whatever it is ) on another’s Eagle Project? Try SHIFT + Refresh page

@MarkEhlinger - sometimes it is shift f5 to refresh and the refresh works for me

It is for an Eagle Project. But even if I don’t select Eagle Project, it still says “No Data” under the Activity Type.
When I push shift F5, it takes me back to the start of entering the activity. When I get down to entering again, it still says “no Data” as a selection for Activity Type.

@MarkEhlinger - I just did a test project and did a Shift - click on browser refresh and this is what I have:

What browser are you using… this was in firefox

@MarkEhlinger The issue is most likely with your browser cache. If you do a hard page reload, that should fix the issue for you.

Not sure which browser you are using, but you can try CTRL+F5 for a hard page reload.

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I am using the browser everyone said to use for Scoutbook - Chrome with the extensions.
When I Do the Shift - Click on Reload, or Ctrl F5. I get sent back to the start of entering Activities.

@MarkEhlinger - correct and that is when the list populated for me. It works for me in chrome and Firefox

Can you try an incognito window?

It shows up in an incognito window.
Is that what I have to do to enter activities? Why?

@MarkEhlinger - well, that indicates that some setting or add in is causing the issue.

I cleared the all time cache, except cookies, and it works in standard mode


IA has a bad habit of catching stuff that interferes with later releases/updates.

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