Eagle Scout Rank - Inability to mark as approved, so Eagle Palms can't be approved

I have a Scout who passed his final Eagle Board of Review on March 11, 2021. Scoutbook will not let me mark his Eagle Rank as “approved” - just that it is “earned.” As a result, I can’t enter his Bronze and Gold Palms that he earned on the date he made Eagle. I have gone to Troop Reports and approved his Eagle rank, but the box for his rank stays green - it won’t change to blue.


You have to wait for the council to enter the Eagle Scout rank into ScoutNet, and then it will sync over into Scoutbook.

There was a clarification on this issue in the recent Scoutbook change log: March 23, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

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I’m in now trying to approve palms for a scout. Scoutbook shows him as Eagle completed and approved on Feb 24.
I try to select the palms to mark as complete but get an “error loading page” message. Any thoughts?
I can’t even back out to the troop roster or my dashboard. Have to log out and log back in. I am able to check advancement for other scouts. Maybe the problem in just with Eagles?

Is the scout over 18? Maybe it’s a UP issue.

I’m getting the same error message with a Scout under age 18. I have reported it to the developers.

There was a database issue earlier tonight that has been corrected

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