Eagle Service Project Service Hours Entry Not Working

The service hours entry fields for Eagle Scout Service Project do not allow the scout to change the time, only the date. This does not allow the entry to reflect the accurate number of hours. When entering a field such as Activity Name, Location, etc, the only option is to “search or enter new”, either way, it double types the information. Lastly, no matter how we attempt to enter the information, attempting to save the entry returns a vague and non-specific message, “Whoops! Value was expected to be true but was false instead”. Please advise. Thank you.

ASM Alec Sita
Troop 4027
Greater Hudson Valley District

@AlecSita - is this for the eagle scout themself or someone assisting on an eagle scout service project ? It may be better to make the entry if it is to assist at advancements.scouting.org and see if that is better.

It is for Scouts assisting in an Eagle project

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