Incorrect Merit Badge / Advancement count

Double check your Eagle Palm Merit Badge count!! We have a scout who will be turning 18 next week and is turing in his Eagle application this week. We’ve been going off the Advancment section on SB which has been showing he only needed to complete one MB for his second Palm which he finished and now should be good to go… WRONG!! While printing his Individual Advancement Report it showed he was still one short. After some investigation Scoutbook apparently counted Art MB in the 21 Eagle badges AND the Palms. Now we are scrambling to do another MB in the next few days…


Please post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) so we can investigate. Scoutbook should not be double counting MBs.

A screen shot of the Individual Advancement Record showing the issue (just the Eagle & MB sections, no names) would be helpful as well.

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124973920 The Art MB appears in the Eagle List Under the “Advancement” tab as well as the Bronze Palm Req# 4a.

@SteveMacCall-Carter what version of Eagle is the Scout on?


When did you generate the IAR? There was an issue that was fixed on March 9 that was only showing 20 MBs for the 2016 version of Eagle so one would be pushed to a Palm.

he is in the 2014 version…

I did it today around 9AM

Again it’s not an issue with the IAR not showing the correct info it’s the Advancment Tab in the Scouts SB record that is showing the repeated MB. The IAR is correct.

He should be on the 2016 or 2022 version. The 2014 version has not been updated recently.

We will investigate.

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He it still using the original handbook he started with which covers the 2014 version of requirements so that’s why he’s in that bracket. If I change him to the 2016 now it removes entries and dates for some requirements.

Thank you for the help. I really just wanted to make sure no one else got stuck with this issue. We are now scrambling to find a quick MB with an available counselor before Tuesday night.

It doesn’t matter what handbook he is using. The requirements he must be using for Eagle are 2016. The MBs will map automatically. The other requirements should have been completed after the 2016 version became required for all Scouts so he should have been on that version all along. It should not be difficult to re-enter the few non-MB requirements into the 2016 version.

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No worries it was an oversight on my part that he didn’t get switched to the 2016. I was just more concerned with someone else possibly getting caught up in it since anyone still in 2014 version will most likely be turning 18 this year and some finishing at the last minute with only a day or two to finish up.
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