Some Earned Merit Badges Do Not Show up on Individual Advancement Record

I have a Scout who has earned all of the available merit badges. However, although they show up under his advancement section when I try to print out an individual advancement record, some of them are not listed. Can anyone help?

Do the merit badges show up on the Scouts BSA History Report?

I see a lot of reports but I do not see Scouts BSA History Report.

Are you connected to the Scout with Full Control permissions? If so, then you should see it on the Scout’s page:

Reports → Scouts BSA History Report

Scout Reports

The committee chair and believe I move full control permissions. However, these are the reports available to me.

Check on the scout’s page.

The merit badges all show up on the scouts page. It is the individual advancement record that doesn’t show some of them.

I meant check the scout’s page > reports > Scouts BSA History Report.

Yes, it shows up on the Scouts BSA History Report but not on the Individual Advancement Record. He has earned every available merit badge but his Individual Advancement Record stops after 126 merit badges. Maybe there is a limit on that report.

Could you email with all the details, including the IAR URL? Then, post the ticket number back here?

I submitted a ticket and got this back: Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-91429

I noticed the same problem for my son. The report seems to end at merit badge 126 (21 palms) TO me it appears to be a programming thing at BSA. He has earned the merit badges and they are in the system, they are simply not showing up on the one report.

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