Ebook page numbers

Please modify the published ebooks, especially the Scouts BSA Handbook , so that the page numbers in the reader app match the page numbers in the printed Handbook. It’s almost unusable as-is, because it is filled with page references, particularly on the Requirements pages, that are impossible to find (I’m using BlueReader for iPad).

@JSyler not sure what you are talking about - that is not Scoutbook

So where do I ask this?

Are you talking about the EBooks? like at barnes and noble? I believe those are no longer supported. Best guess would be council reaching out to supply group

I think they still support it with some odd Adobe format. I think you are right, though, the supply group starting at Scoutshop.org is the place to start.

It would be best for these forums to be the one stop electronic system support forum, but they are clearly not.

So what is the correct procedure for this sort of request?

I would ask council to turn in a ticket to Supply Group

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I believe there’s contact info on scoutshop.org. Not sure where that goes exactly, but that in combination with running it through your council increases the chances.

It does work for at least shop related issues. Just last week I needed a Chartered Organization Representative patch recently as my council was out. I couldn’t add it to my cart as it was listed as restricted like ranks. I emailed support, in a day or 2 they said they would confirm correct if true. A week later, I could order it without issue.

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