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Scoutbook BSA # is incorrect

I have two BSA numbers. I’ve tried to go into Scoutbook and setup SSO profile to the correct number, but I am unable to do so.


Will send you a direct message to get information

Our troop seems to be having the same issue with parents having multiple BSA numbers, which doesn’t allow their correct my.scouting information such as YPT to transfer over into Scoutbook.

It seems our main problem is some parents have connected to Scoutbook and now that we have figured out that they have 2 BSA numbers and want to correct these they cannot because they get a message that says they already have an account for that email address and to contact their troop admin to delete their account.

I am a troop admin and have tried deleting their account, modifying their account, deleting their connection to their scout, etc. and nothing has worked

Please help if you can

What the individuals need to do is 2 simple steps

  1. talk to council to find the other BSA # and document it
  2. Go to my.scouting.org and log in > click menu top left > go to Manage Member ID > There they will see the MID (member ID/BSA#) associated with their my.scouting.org account > They then need to add other BSA #s they were given (this comes all training/registrations and such) > probably making the one in SB Primary > Then they log into SB with the Same my.scouting.org credentials
    NOTE: if they do not know log in or password word have them use the BOT on the page or the Forgot Password - DO NOT MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT - that will just give them yet another BSA #

Replying to this for the same issue. I need help for the same problem.

Hi Donovan, I have the same issue. Hopefully you are notified if I reply to your message.

@MatthewDiCara1 first try the Manage Member ID fix above

thank you I will try that now

make the one in SB Primary - or if you want the other primary use your my.scouting.org login for Scoutbook - or try Switch SSO under your SB Profile

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