Edit multiple payment activities at once

We use the payment log and I love the feature that allows me to enter the same log to multiple scouts… but it becomes a big pain if the price changes as there is no way to edit similar entries. Please fix this or add this feature!

Thanks you for providing such a useful tool!

I suspect that identifying a “similar” entry in multiple logs would be a fairly challenging programming task that would ultimately require some degree of user intervention to ensure that all matching entries were actually captured (e.g. a “fuzzy” search with user selection of the actual entries that should be modified from the search results). Based on the potential complexity, I suspect it would not be done quickly, assuming the BSA adopts it for implementation at all.

However, one approach using the existing system would be to create a second entry reflecting the price change, and tag it as such. There would then be two “entries” related to the event, but it would clearly delineate between the original expected price and the change in the price. Also, whether it’s a decrease (credit) or an increase (debit), it will still “add up” to the correct net cost in the outstanding total balance.

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