Editing Events from Dec. 2021


I edited a winter camp from Dec. 2021 and now it is no longer showing camping nights for that camp on the reports. I also tried to make a new one to get the correct information, but it is not showing up on the reports and I cannot delete the camping trip either.

I also found where to check off all the pending activities which this camping trip did not show up on that list. Slightly different topic but I could not find a button to actually approve the items that I did mark off.

Thank you for your help,


@DebraHunter I think this is a permissions issue. You appear to be registered as a Committee Member at my.scouting, which gives you limited permissions to the Activity Logs in Internet Advancement.

So the scout master for the troop has gone in and approved all the items that needed approving. However, we still have not been able to get back the nights for the Polaris camp in Dec. 2021. Is there anyway for it to again recognize those nights?

@DebraHunter Could you please post the BSA member numbers of 2-3 of the Scouts who should be on the report, but are not?