Internet Advancement Glitch?

Our Venturing Crew went camping this past weekend and when I go into Internet Advancement to log the activity, it has the Cub Scout logo next to Crew information (for both Crews we are in) and only has me listed as a parent/guardian in the other units we are associated with (I’m a Pack and Troop advancement chair). None of the units have rosters and when I try to input camping nights, there’s no one for me to click on to add nights to. Any ideas??
Thank you,
Sarah Boothe
BSA ID# 14465823


I found 2 BSA Member IDs for you. Neither is registered. This will prevent you from entering any data in Internet Advancement.

Um, how do I fix that? I’m registered with a Pack, a Troop, and 2 Crews, and Scoutbook lets me do stuff, but IA is broken. : (

127107710 - is your registered MID - give me a few minutes @SarahBoothe

That’s a number I know!! The one in my original is what is in Scoutbook under my name - Scoutbook member ID # 2047911 and then the BSA Member ID # 14465823. I’m so confused.

@SarahBoothe probably one of the units used your other MID in recharter and messed it all up - it should all be good to go now and I put the MIDs under management go to > menu > Manage member ID - the 710 one has your registrations - the other has nothing

THANK YOU!!! I’m wondering if when our youngest son registered with a Ship in another Council last week it might have gotten tweaked then? I’m not sure what my old ID number for Mount Baker was, the 710 is Quivira, and I’m not sure if they assigned one as a parent in MidAmerica. Thank you so much for fixing it so I can put “my” kids in for their camping nights!!! : )

@SarahBoothe I sent you a private message.

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