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Updating Parent Email

I have a single parent that has been set up with a single scout in out pack. When the parent account was setup the email was typed in incorrectly. Simple enough problem just go into the parent account and change it right? Well I get a message that the scout is already set up to a parent account with the same email. I checked and there are no other parent accounts tied to this scout.

Also, Since the email is incorrect, the parent has never received an invitation to join scoutbook, which means he has never been able to get online.

Send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA#, council and unit, the parent’s name and e-mail address. Ask that the e-mail address be removed from the Scout’s account and added to the parent’s account.

If the email in question is an @gmail account, you can create an new address that goes to the same account by adding +xxxx. As an example, if you have, this could becomes This allows you to edit the Scoutbook email address, because Scoutbook thinks this is a different address. The parent could then log in and change or remove the scout address before editing their own address, if they want to use the one the scout has.

In this case there is not an email at the child/scout level. There is only one parent, so there should not be an “another account”.

The error message states that “this email already exist under another account.” Where is the other account that Scoutbook is referring to?

I shouldn’t have to ask parents to create multiple email accounts because there is a bug in the Scoutbook software.


Hi, Jonathan,

Whenever I have had an account (parent or scout) show us as having an email already in use by another account, it has been because there actually is already an account using that email address.

The “why” of the email address already be in use has generally been:

  1. The adult is already a registered leader or has an account at my.scouting (e.g. previously registered leader or took YPT even though not a registered leader).
  2. The email address was associated with someone else (e.g. parents/families sharing an email address) who is already in Scoutbook. Scoutbook requires a unique email address for each account.
  3. The adult already has a Scoutbook account that they don’t recall having (e.g. their pack used scoutbook, but the parent never logged in).

As to locating the “other account”, it seems like searching based on that email address has always returned the adult I was looking for.

ETA: I hadn’t thought of the possibility that a scout has a parent email address associated with his or her account, as Ed suggested below. That would likely result in no adult being returned when searching based on the email address.


There are multiple ways the e-mail address could have been added to Scoutbook. Two that are common is the parent already has an account because they have a ID or somehow the e-mail was attached to the Scout by the registrar (these are no longer imported into Scoutbook).

In any event the solution is to contact as I mentioned earlier and have them fix the problem.

How do you go about searching for accounts by email.


Hi, @JonathanFague,

Navigate to the scout’s connections, then use the “Search for Existing User” box at the top. Enter the full email address to search.


When I searched by email I found and account but it was the scout account and not the Dad’s. Unfortunately, I had already sent an invite to the dad.

So now I have connected the kid to his own account and checked it as a parent account.

I tried to unselect it but it told me I had to remove the relationship first. I thought this would be as simple as unchecking on the Parent/Guardian option on the scouts Modify Connection Adult” screen. However, after I sent the invite the option became greyed out.



The only way to fix your issue is by sending an e-mail as I specified earlier to There is no way for a user to fix this, it must be done by support.

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Yeah, @edavignon is right, @JonathanFague. There’s no way for someone on the user side to fix what you’re describing.

I had misunderstood what the problem was (I didn’t realize the correct email address was attached to a youth account), so I assumed that the existing account was an adult, and you had created a new adult with the wrong email address by mistake (e.g. typo).

I just sent a email.
Thanks to everyone for trying to walk me through it. I can say I’m more familiar with ScoutBook because of all I went through today.


Jonathan Fague

Cubmaster Pack-3393