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Email address for Parent

I have a parent who has connected profile with her son. Her profile has a phone number (and other personal info) but not an email address. She is asking that we add that for her. I don’t see a way to do that myself (as a unit admin). Is it possible for me to add this email address for her? Not changing one, simply putting one in.

BSA ID of parent: 13929298

@JonathanKing1 the user can do it themself under their profile

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil . I knew they could, but we get a lot of push back from our pack parents about this type stuff in Scoutbook. They want us to do it all for them. Is it possible I can add it for her?

No it is not Jonathan - other than making a new account - how are they signing in without an email?

Thank you sir. I will let her know.

I have no idea. She complained to the den leader that she wasn’t receiving emails from Scoutbook. When I looked, I don’t see an email on her overview page. So I assume there isn’t one in her profile.

what is BSA Number? there might be a bug

or UserID @JonathanKing1


BSA ID of parent: 13929298

@JonathanKing1 hmmmmm - something not adding up - I have ask Developers - easy fix - please remind me Saturday and hopefully DEVs would have seen it by then - easy fix

Thanks. I will say though, I don’t use an email address to login. I have a “userID” but it is associated with an email address. I wonder if hers is the same way.

it has an email - that is what I asked the various developers how it can be in 2 other places but not here - never seen that before

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