Parent without email address but unable to add one

I have a parent that was linked to a scout in ScoutBook several years ago through an automated process. She does not have an email address in her profile, so can not receive emails on behalf of her cub. Although I have been successful all afternoon at using the new key-3 parent profile editing capability, on this specific adult I get a error of "Unauthorized to update SB user profile” when I try to add an email. The scout BSA ID is 12870873. It is hard to tell what the mother’s is, but I assume both BSA and SB ids are embedded in this profile URL: Internet Advancement Can someone take a look and see if there is anything obviously wrong with the parent’s account and/or connection to the scout/pack? As there is no email address, I don’t think she can log in and fix this herself as she never setup a password or anything. I can provide the correct email address for the mother on request.


I have requested a sync of her email address from Akela to Scoutbook. I think it may take an overnight sync.

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That totally did the trick! Thanks!

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