Unable to change email!

I am a scouter since age 8. I’m now a 32 year old den leader. I’m unable to make changes to my Scoutbook account for some reason. I can’t change the email address that’s there and I can’t even click on the bar to be able to change it. I have different email accounts in 3 places where I can access them and none of them are right. Help!

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@MatthewDolan go to edit profile to change email

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@DonovanMcNeil Under internet advancement I have the correct emails, but under scoutbook I have the incorrect email (that I will be surrendering in a few weeks). Scoutbook does not allow me to change my email address (it is greyed out). I continue to get emails at my scoutbook email and not my BSA emails (IA). Does the local council have to resolve this? I will miss pack news if I do not resolve. I changed my IA emails a month ago (far longer than the 24 hours it says it should take). Thanks!

@JohnLateulere Odd - this is fixed

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